Dial 911 for all Emergencies

Matagorda VFD operates fire stations in Matagorda and Selkirk. The MVFD service area is 130 square miles including 23 miles of remote beach. Additionally, Matagorda VFD serves as a mutual aid partner to all other fire departments in Matagorda county.

Matagorda VFD is a 100% volunteer community service organization with no paid staff. We receive some funding from the county, but we are primarily a donation and grant funded organization. Matagorda VFD is a registered 501(C)(3) organization so all donations are tax deductible. Please consider donating if you can.


MVFD Unit 504

Recent Updates

4 of our First Responders (David, Ashley, Clay & Christy) attended Fire School the last 2 weekends. We train so we can be better prepared to serve the community.


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Great bunch !! Thank you for your service 🤗

Good job. I used to love going to training.

You ALL are AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!

So glad Gorda has this awesome team!

Great group!! Thank you all for your services!!

We appreciate you!

great job

Thank you so much

Good job!!!!!

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We just heard from a local business that they were solicited via PHONE for donations for Matagorda Fire Department. We do have our BBQ coming up, but we only ask for donations in person (never over the phone). If you’ve received one of these calls please let us know. Our BBQ fundraiser coming up & Gail & the firefighters you know will be coming by in person. If you ever have a question please let us know. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Careful of RIP currents & high tides this weekend with the front.